Iris Pedlar

We are so proud that our Iris Pedlar is the recipient of 

The Margaret K. Bell Newsletter Award presented by 

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts.  

Iris Pedlar

The Iris Pedlar is a beautiful, full color publication that is distributed  to our members three times per year.  It contains educational articles, photos and highlights of our club activities.  It introduces our new members and offers words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration from our president.  Member contributions give voice to topics from poetry to composting.   While members receive an unabridged version of the Iris Pedlar, an edited version of the newsletter is published on our Facebook page and past issues are available.  Our recent issues can be viewed below.

NOTE:  To download a copy of this issue of the Iris Pedlar or access the links referenced, click on the issue above or click the pop-out box in the upper left corner of the image below.

Iris Pedlar Apr 2024 Final.pdf